Childproof Your Pool

Childproof Your Pool

Make your pool the safe, fun place it should be. Childproof your pool area to prevent slips and falls, sunburns and other more serious accidents, so you can keep your outdoor oasis a fun place for the whole family.

Tips for Childproofing Your Pool

  • Protect all entryways to the pool area to make sure children don’t enter the pool unattended. Put alarms on doors and windows, and make sure you have a secure fence around the entire pool area to protect other children in the neighborhood as well.
  • Even if your entire yard is fenced in, fence the perimeter of the pool area. One of the best techniques for preventing drowning is to create multiple barriers to entry. Ideal fencing will be at least 4 feet high with gaps no wider than 3 inches.
  • Consider purchasing a pool alarm. There are alarms available that activate when pool water is disturbed and alarms that toddlers can wear that alert you when they come near the pool edge.
  • Clear toys, shoes and other trip hazards away from the edge of the pool or from areas where children might play. Teach children not to run near the pool to prevent falls on scratchy concrete.
  • Remove toys from the pool area when you aren’t there. Getting rid of all items that might attract the attention of children will help keep curious kids from approaching the pool when adults aren’t looking.
  • Provide shade with umbrellas, awnings or other tools to create safe areas for sun-sensitive skin. Encourage children to wear sunscreen and to take periodic breaks from direct exposure by providing snacks and drinks in the shade.
  • Remove ladders to aboveground pools when you aren’t using them.
  • Cover your pool when it isn’t in use. A rigid pool cover that conceals the pool’s entire surface is the safest option. Mechanical covers are available that you can operate with the touch of a button.
  • Make sure you have rescue gear available. Keep life preservers, kickboards, rope and a pole handy.
  • Enroll children in swimming lessons. While you can protect your children in your own home, the ultimate protection is having water-smart children who can swim and float. Even infants can learn to swim with proper training, and you’ll feel secure knowing your little ones are safe swimmers no matter where they are.

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